Does your Child have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

If your child has an autistic spectrum disorder then you may find that it’s difficult to access services in Carmarthenshire.   Schools are often reluctant to provide a Statement of Special Educational Needs and Social Services can be reluctant to accept an Autistic Spectrum Diagnosis as a reason for providing support.   If you’ve experienced… Continue Reading Does your Child have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?


Care and Repair, time for change.

We meet every three months with representatives from various Council Departments, Hywel Dda and with other third sector organisations to discuss issues on behalf of members. These are called MARG meetings, which stands for Multi-Agency Reference Group.   At the last MARG meeting we drew attention to the service provided by Care and Repair. Care… Continue Reading Care and Repair, time for change.


Apologies from the Management Team

We had hoped by now to have some news regarding our aspirations to become a registered charity and to have started the process of commissioning a fully bilingual website. Unfortunately there have been delays at Carmarthenshire County Council which means we don’t yet know if we’re having any funding this year. We can’t easily apply… Continue Reading Apologies from the Management Team


Carers Information Service Update

Carers Information Service Update The Carers Information Service is now based at Crossroads Sir Gar at the Palms in Llanelli. The principle contact is Joanne Silverthorne and the contact details are here.


Churches Counselling Service

The Chuch in Wales offers a free counselling service. Churches Counselling Service The service is free and is open to everyone. Below is an extract from their website     “How does it work? Anyone with a personal or family problem may seek help.  Clients must self refer to the service although other voluntary organisations,… Continue Reading Churches Counselling Service

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