Carmarthenshire Carers Forum New Website Launches

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Carmarthenshire Carers Forum intends to reach out to all carers in the county and the first step is to create a new website. Carers are a diverse group of people with many different skills and talents and it’s hoped that members will be able to maintain and write content for the website themselves.

The Forum is organised by a steering group and anyone can become involved in the steering group simply by indicating their willingness to regularly attend meetings or make a contribution on a regular basis.

For example we’ll be needing a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary now that we have a Constitution. In addition we’d like some people to focus on signing up new members and we’ll soon be organising our own events for Carers Rights Day and Carers Week so we could do with some event organisers. We also need members who can translate into Welsh so that we can properly respect those members who are welsh speaking and would prefer to use Welsh on the website.

What we’d really like to see is as many Carers as possible joining in and making the Forum work for the benefit of all Carers. By taking an active role you’ll meet some great people, learn new skills and expand your circle of friends. If you find it difficult to attend meetings then maybe you can help from home by phoning or writing or coming up with ideas about what the Forum should be tackling next.

It’s vital that Carers engage with service providers so that we can improve how we are treated. The more members we have the louder our voice and the more impact we can have.

So this is a first step. In the coming months we’ll be asking you to help us find out how we can best help each other. We hope you’ll be able to take part in whatever way you can.


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