Free Books you can download

Free Books you can download These books are all free. All you need is to register for Google Play.    Plus these from Project Gutenburg 45,000 free downloadable books.


Register with Utilities for Emergency Cover and Price Capping

Did you know that many utility providers offer special services for Carers or for people who are cared for? For example Welsh Water have a scheme where your water bill can be capped if you are a big water user, even if you don’t have a meter. BT will give you priority if your phone… Continue Reading Register with Utilities for Emergency Cover and Price Capping


Disabled Persons Railcard

Did you know that you can register for a disabled persons railcard which will save one third of the cost for most journeys? The card cots £20 and the threshold for disability isn’t set very high, for example, simply needing a hearing aid qualifies. Link. The card covers up to 2 people travelling together.  


Save money on your Specs.

Did you know that when you have your eyes tested by an optician you can ask for a copy of the prescription and you can then buy glasses or contact lenses online? The savings can be quite substantial, you can get prescription glasses from as little as £6.00 per pair. Link    

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