Carers Organisations

All Wales Forum for Parents and Carers

We are an umbrella body for locally and regionally based organisations and support groups made up of parents and carers. Continue Reading All Wales Forum for Parents and Carers

Carers Information Service

One in eight adults in the UK are Carers and they save the economy £87 billion per year, an average of £20,800 per Carer per year. Continue Reading Carers Information Service

Carers Trust Wales

Carers Trust Wales exists to provide action, help and advice to carers throughout Wales. Continue Reading Carers Trust Wales

Carers Wales

We’re here to help carers and professionals, with expert advice on issues such as carers’ benefits, community care and services for carers Continue Reading Carers Wales


Hft is a national charity, providing services for people with learning disabilities throughout England. We support people to live life the way they choose – whether providing support for just a couple of hours a week, or 24 hours a day.

Our services include Supported Living, Residential Care and Short Break services. We empower people to make their own choices, including finding a job, building friendships and relationships and taking part in activities. Continue Reading hft

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