Does your Child have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

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Trying to get help leaves people feeling dizzy and ill.

Trying to get help leaves people feelin dizzy and ill.

If your child has an autistic spectrum disorder then you may find that it’s difficult to access services in Carmarthenshire.


Schools are often reluctant to provide a Statement of Special Educational Needs and Social Services can be reluctant to accept an Autistic Spectrum Diagnosis as a reason for providing support.


If you’ve experienced problems then please let us know. We are considering starting a sub-group for parents so that we can all work together to improve the situation for everyone. Even if your child has a different condition we would like to hear from you if you’ve experienced difficulty in obtaining the services you are entitled to. We would also be pleased to make contact with any other 3rd sector organisations who are concerned about the levels of support being given to Carers of children with an ASD.



You can email us at or telephone on 07989897010. If you want information then contact Joanne Silverthorne who runs the Carers Information Service on 01554 754957



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