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CaptureCarers are often asked what they value the most in terms of support. In survey after survey the number one priority for Carers is Information.

Information on Caring, on particular conditions, on local services, the list goes on and on.


It’s why, on this site, we’ve put a lot of effort into providing LInks. It’s an attempt to bring to the attention of Carers, services they might not even be aware of. If you aren’t aware of something then you probably aren’t going to use a search engine to look because you don’t realise you need to. So check out our Link section to see if there’s anything useful there.


Then, when you’ve identified the organisations that might be good information providers, sign up for their services and newsletters so that you get a steady stream of information that might be useful to you. Some websites will send you emails, some you might need to join as a member. Whatever the process it’s worth taking the time to do it.


The second thing that we’d recommend is to register as a member with a few key Carers groups. For people in Carmarthenshire we’d recommend the following as organisations worth joining, just because they represent Carers and as a member you’ll be adding your voice to their campaigns.

Carmarthenshire Carers Forum

Carmarthenshire Carers Information Service

Carers Trust

Carers Wales

Then add into the mix any that you have a special interest in like Age UK or The Alzheimers Society. There’s nothing to stop you joining as many organisations as you want to and subscription/membership is free, so sign up, add your voice and get the information you need.


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