What help is available when a Carer is admitted to hospital?

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When a Carer becomes ill and needs a hospital admission then what help is available? The last thing that is needed in this type of situation is for someone who is in hospital to be worrying and concerned about the person or persons they care for.

There is a scheme in place that helps ensure that, in an emergency, care will be provided. It’s called the Carers Emergency Card Scheme and you need to register in advance. You’ll be asked to provide details of two people who can respond in an emergency. This needs to be done with their knowledge and permission.


If there isn’t anyone you can designate then Social Services will provide 48 hours of emergency cover. The agency running the scheme in Carmarthenshire is Careline and they should be contacted in the event that you are unable to provide care either because of illness or due to any unexpected emergency situation that means the person you care for is unattended.


At the last forum meeting a Carer needed to utilise the service and despite being registered no provision was put in place. This is a worrying development that is being investigated as every Carer should be secure in the knowledge that the person they care for is safe and being looked after.


If you have any personal experience of this service then it would be good to hear from you, either by email or by leaving a comment below. Here is an information leaflet and the form you need is one of the two below.

Welsh Carer Alert Scheme Registration Form

English Carer Alert Scheme Registration Form



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